Replacement LED Circuit Board for the Ford Taurus Factory Tail Light assembly 2002 - 2007 models 


    Well, let's face it. The Ford Taurus has a few weak spots... one of them the LED Third Brake circuit board. When one of the LEDs fails, it is not long and they all go bad! There are several technical reasons for this but only a few solutions. Go to your local Ford Service Center and for a little more than a lot of your money you can buy a new LED board exactly like your old one that failed! Yep, probably gonna fail again just like the first one. Solution number two is visit your local junkyard and buy a used one that is gonna fail even sooner than the new Ford replacement.

    ...or the last Solution you will ever need for this problem! Redneck Rides has teamed with Assembled Products, Inc. to build a bullet proof replacement circuit board for your third brake light. These fit exactly like the original circuit board requiring no modification to your original factory plastic housing! Not only that, these boards can take the abuse! They work with as little as 10 volts and can handle as much as 18 volts. We incorporated surge suppression to protect against power surges and noise. To brighten things up, we are using a reflective coating on our circuit board to direct even more light where it's needed most!

 Simply said, these come with a lifetime warranty! Order your replacement circuit board today!

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Taurus Third Brake Light Factory Upgrade

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