Sequential Tail Light Kit for 1992 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird 

Our Ford Thunderbird for 92-97 vehicles is the easiest kit on the market to install!


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The only Thunderbird sequential light kit on the market that makes you look like a professional!

(Night Time Four-Way Flasher)

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  • Four Section Sequential Turn Signals
  • Adds Brake light function not originally available from the factory !!!
  • Full length functional tail lights!!!
  • No Extra Power wires to install
  • Easiest & Cleanest install on market - All the electronics is contained in the taillight on the LED circuit board!!!!
  • Repairs non-functioning taillights
    by replacing only the defective guts!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Against
    - weather (submersible)
    - dirt (don't really have to re-seal the LED panel)
    - vibration (slam that trunk lid all ya want, we don't care!)

$330/plus shipping and
applicable tax

Includes everything except the basic
hand tools required for installation!

Includes Simple Instructions for cleanly removing the orginal Ford LED elements

Currently offered for 1992-1997 Thunderbirds... Other models soon!

Manufactured from only high-quality NEW parts by a professional electronics manufacturer.

At this time, we are happy to report that these taillights have been viewed on a car that legally passed a Missouri State Safety Inspection.


  • the original factory lighting system is unaffected by the install of this product
  • this product closely replicates a previous factory lighting system
  • this product ENHANCES and ENLARGES the safety lighting area
  • this product READILY draws attention from drivers behind the vehicle…

…there should not be any issues with various State Safety Inspections.

It is important to note that flash rate will vary slightly between cars, and is dependent upon the age and condition of the car’s flasher units and electrical system. The Redneck Rides Sequential Circuit is extremely stable for both flash rate and intensity to provide maximum compatibility with all installations!

It is not be advisable to modify the system by altering flash rates. There is no reason to incorporate the factory pre-existing incandescent corner lighting system into the flash sequence. Incandescent bulbs illuminate so slowly that to the human eye (even sober humans - Bubba) will appear to be part of the sequence.

These units operate uniformly between 10.75 volts and 17 volts. Voltage above these levels could result in destruction of the elements, low voltage can cause erratic flash rates, or non-function of the units. If the units do not function as designed, it is imperative to check your voltage levels AT THE ELEMENT (from ground to the red power wire, and from ground to brown signal wire), prior to advising tech support of the problem. We cannot help without first establishing that the car’s electrical system is functioning properly.

We reserve the right to make changes to the product and/or description to maintain the accuracy of the description and quality of the product.


Sequential Tail light Kits fits 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997 Ford Thunderbirds! 


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Ford Thunderbird Sequential Tail Lights

  • $361.35

  • Ex Tax: $330.00